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Medicine & Health Links:

Altitude Medicine

emedicine online - a free, up-to-date online Emergency Medicine textbook with chapters on altitude illness (divided into Cerebral Syndromes, and Pulmonary Syndromes).
Bibliography of High Altitude Medicine and Physiology - This list of references on high altitude physiology, mountain sickness, hypoxia, etc., has been compiled by Rob Roach, Charles Houston, Peter
Hackett, and JP Richalet.
CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center, Kathmandu - Dr. David Shlim, longtime resident of Kathmandu has some great info here on altitude illness and travellers' diarrhea.
Himalayan Rescue Association - an organization based in Kathmandu, dedicated to preventing deaths from altitude illness.
High Altitude Medicine - a good review article that appeared in American Family Physician in 1998
National Outdoor Leadership School - This is the chapter on altitude sickness excerpted from their textbook on wilderness first aid.
High Altitude Medicine & Biology - sample & subscription info for the new medical journal; available in paper and online (acrobat) formats.

Mountaineering & Wilderness Medicine

International Society for Mountain Medicine - an international organization dedicated to the issues of mountain medicine.
Wilderness Medical Society - The WMS is the largest organization in the world devoted to wilderness medical issues. The purpose of the Wilderness Medical Society is to encourage, foster, support or conduct activities or programs concerned with life sciences, that can improve the scientific knowledge of the membership and the general public in matters related to wilderness environments and human activities in these environments.
ICAR (International Commission for Alpine Rescue) see also the sister site www.mountainmedicine.org - Current internationally-accepted guidelines on topics related to mountain rescue and mountain medicine.
UIAA Mountain Medicine Centre - a variety of high altitude and mountaineering medical information.
Mountain Medicine and Traumatology Department of Chamonix Hospital (DMTM) - interesting information (and data) about mountaineering accidents and mountaineering medicine in the Mont Blanc region.
Institut d'Estudis de Muntanya - A study team of mountain medicine, founded in 1994; information available in Catalan, Spanish, and English. There is a detailed altitude illness study questionnaire here for any expeditions interested in filling it out, it looks like an interesting and ambitious project. Check it out.
The Hypothermia Knowledge and Technology Web Site - information on treating hypothermia

Travel Medicine

The Centers for Disease Control Travel Info - Health information for international travel, vaccination recommendations, travellers' diarrhea information.
World Health Organization (WHO) International Travel and Health - Vaccination Requirements and Health Advice. Updated annually, last revision 1/2000.
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygeine
TravelHealth Online - well-presented info on a large variety of topics.
The Virtual Hospital - Emporiatrics: an Introduction to Travel Medicine.
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers - IAMAT is a non-profit Foundation established in 1960; the aim of the organization is to advise travellers of health risks, geographical distribution of diseases, immunization requirements for all countries, and to make competent medical care available to the traveller around the world by doctors who speak either English or French besides their mother tongue and who had medical training in a western country.
CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center, Kathmandu - The CIWEC Clinic has been providing treatment for travelers in Kathmandu for 20 years, and has some great info on their web site.
Nepal International Clinic - run by Dr. Buddha Basnyat, Medical Director of the Himalayan Rescue Association.
Staying Healthy in Asia, Africa, and Latin America - Moon Travel Handbooks in conjunction with Volunteers in Asia.


Medical Matrix - Ranked, peer-reviewed, annotated, updated clinical medicine resources.
Med Web - Emory University biomedical internet resource index.
OHSU Library - Oregon Health Sciences University's collection of health resources on the net.
OHSU ClinWeb - another way of searching for medical information on the net.
Wellness Interactive Network - Everyone has special interests and concerns regarding their health and the health of loved ones. The Wellness Interactive Network® was designed to meet your needs by offering diverse and comprehensive internet resources and information dealing with health and wellness.
FDA "The Bad Bug Book" - handbook of foodborne bugs & toxins.
Tibetan Medicine WWW Virtual Library - a collection of links to Tibetan Medicine resources on the Web.

Search the internet for medical resources with Health On the Net Foundation's MedHunt
And Or Adj Free

healthfinder(tm) logo healthfinder® is a gateway consumer health and human services information web site from the United States government.

Upcoming Conferences

Please go to our sister site, the ISMM web site, for an up-to-date list

Himalaya-Oriented Links:

General Himalaya

NepalTrek - a wealth of trekking information and links.
Himalayas - Where Earth Meets Sky is a comprehensive site about the Himalayas, its land, history, life, culture, religion and more. Take a detailed tour across the vast Himalayan lands of India - visiting Kashmir, Ladakh, Zanskar, Lahaul, Spiti, Kinnaur, Kumaon, Garhwal, Sikkim and the Arunachal; explore the Nepal Himalayas - from the Everest region in the East, to Central Nepal and finally the remote Western Nepal, and the northern frontiers of the Himalayas - Tibet. There is detailed coverage of Himalayan topics including Geology - the formation of the Himalayas, Trekking, Mountaineering, Flora and fauna and Environmental Problems facing the mountains.
Nepal Info - The Nepal Info Home Page is an impressively comprehensive collection of info & links relating to Nepal.
Festivals in Nepal - A compilation of a variety of Nepal festivals and official holidays. Also check out Newa Travels' Major Festivals of Nepal for an explanation of each festival.
Kathmandu Environmental Education Project - promotes environmental awareness and trekking safety among visitors to Nepal through lectures, presentations, and courses.
The Himalayan Explorers Club - The Himalayan Explorers Club was recently formed to provide a center for information on travelling in the Himalaya. They have a clubhouse in Kathmandu where members can relax, read recent trip reports, browse the library, receive mail, send/receive faxes and e-mail, store luggage, and more. Check out their home page.
Kathmandu Post, Rising Nepal - and lots of other links at South-Asia.com
lonely planet - Destination Nepal
Nepali Cuisine - miss the taste of Kathmandu? Here are some resources for you.
American Himalayan Foundation - Information about the American Himalayan Foundation.
Canada Tibet Committee - World Tibet News mailing list Archives and subscribing info.
Pilgrims Book House - Asia's Largest Booksellers of Himalayan Titles - New, Old and Rare. Has anyone who's been to Kathmandu NOT been into Pilgrims? A fabulous bookstore, and they ship worldwide...

General Everest Info

NOVA: Alive on Everest - This has to be about the BEST site for Everest information: coverage of the 1997 Nova expedition, QuickTime VR videos of the camps, history, maps, info on the Spring '96 disaster, it's all here.
Everest IMAX Film - this is an INCREDIBLE film, and if there is an IMAX theater anywhere near you that is playing it, you owe it to yourself to go see the movie.
Boston Museum of Science - a current exhibit on Everest, info on the IMAX film; cool stuff.
MtEverest.com - a collection of links to Everest information
mnteverest.net - another (fairly complete appearing) collection of Everest info and links.
500 Everest Links - a collection of expedition and informational links
Sean's Mt. Everest Page - a collection of Everest links.

Outdoor and Mountain-Oriented Links:


The Mountain Institute - "Advancing Mountain Cultures... Preserving Mountain Environments"
The Mountain Forum - Originating from activities preceding the 1992 Earth Summit, the Mountain Forum offers a venue for global linkage of individuals and organizations concerned with mountain cultures, environment and sustainable development.
The Mountain Zone - Lots of info here on many aspects of being in the mountains: snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, photography, climbing. Lots of ads, too...
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - contains a wealth of information on what to do and where to go in the great outdoors.
Mountain Guide - Mountains on the Earth. About 1150 mountain sites indexed: Europe, Asia, Africa, N. America, S. America, Australia/Oc, Poles. An amazing variety of info on specific mountainous regions.
Terraquest - adventure travel via the web.
The Mountaineers - an outdoor recreation and conservation organization Founded in 1906 to Explore, Study, Preserve, and Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Outdoors.
Avalanche Emergency - contains information for skiers and rescue teams to avoid casualties caused by avalanches, useful measures to save people buried under avalanches, and details of first aid procedures. Available in English, German, and Italian.
American Avalanche Institute - avalanche awareness and hazard evaluation courses.
Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia - an extensive collection of links to SAR organizations and related concerns.
Climbing Magazine Online - content from the magazine, and lots of good links.

Expedition News

Expedition News - a monthly review of significant expeditions, research projects and newsworthy adventures.
Everest News - a collection of news & links concerning Everest expeditions.

If you find links here that are outdated, please let me know . If you run a site related to mountains or adventure travel, please put in a link to this site!

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