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I welcome comments, questions about altitude illness, and suggestions for what you'd like to see on these pages. I really do try to answer all email, though in the past year the volume of email has grown to the point that this is sometimes impossible, or it may be a month or two before I can get to your question. Sorry! My work and travel schedules may also contribute to substantial delays in answering your inquiry. If it is something truly urgent, such as you are leaving on a trip in the very near future, put "URGENT" somewhere in the subject line, and I'll try to respond quickly...

I don't have any current information on elective or research opportunities for medical students or residents, nor any information on volunteer positions in the Himalayas, sorry!

If you have questions about working for the Himalayan Rescue Association, please read these comments first.

For comments and altitude questions please contact me at

If you are a physician with a consultation question, please email me at my International Society for Mountain Medicine address, , and I will either answer your question directly or run it by a panel of altitude experts.

If you represent a trekking agency and have an ongoing medical emergency in the field, I am willing to consult; you can reach me through the Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Emergency Department at +1-541-386-3911.


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