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Wilderness Medicine
Management of Wilderness and Environmental Emergencies
4th Edition

Paul Auerbach (Editor)
Hardcover, Over 1900 pages. Mosby, St. Louis (2001)

Thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded, this critically acclaimed reference prepares you to manage medical emergencies caused by environmental encounters, including injury prevention and respect for natural environments. Included in the text are color illustrations that give the reader a better view of the situation at hand. Packed with how-to explanations and practical, direct advice, it covers emergencies such as envenomations, altitude illness, burns, motion sickness, and problems caused by cold, heat, snakes, sharks, and marine microbes. Includes totally new information on bear attacks, cave rescue, airway and eye emergencies, wilderness clothing, and much more!

The definitive (and massive) text on Wilderness Medicine, covering every aspect of that field. The first chapter is on altitude medicine, written by Dr. Peter Hackett and Dr. Rob Roach.

High Altitude: An Exploration of Human Adaptation
(Lung Biology in Health and Disease Volume 161)

Thomas F. Hornbein (ed) and Robert B. Schoene (ed)
Hardcover. Published by Marcel Dekker (2001)

The eagerly awaited volume on high altitude physiology is finally available!

This book explores how humans respond to the hypoxia of high altitudes, addressing the response of lowlanders to sudden and sustained exposure, as well as that of those living permanently at high elevations - examining adaptation and maladaptation, acute and chronic high-altitude illnesses, and the challenges faced by lowland dwellers who have preexisting medical conditions venturing to high altitude.

Containing more than 3000 references and over 200 tables, charts, and graphs that support the text, High Altitude offers an anthropological perspective on those who dwell permanently at great heights... investigates how cells sense oxygen, including arterial chemoreceptors, erythropoietin-producing tissues, and pulmonary vascular smooth muscle... discusses the role of individual organs as well as their integrated function in enabling physical and mental performance at high altitude... focuses on the additional metabolic and circulatory demands of perception, thought, and action in the brain... considers how organisms defend themselves against the stress of hypoxia... and more.

book cover High Altitude Medicine
Herb Hultgren
Hardcover. Published by Hultgren Publications, Stanford, California (1997)

"At long last, Herb Hultgren's exhaustive knowledge of high altitude medicine is unveiled. This is a book I have been waiting for, and one that I will treasure. For four decades, Dr. Hultgren has been a major player in the study of high altitude pulmonary edema, and also explored the effect the altitude on patients with cardiovascular diseases. As an avid mountaineer and an academic cardiologist, he combines outdoor wisdom and rigorous science in a very readable volume. This book is a must for those desiring an authoritative, up-to-date review of high altitude medicine."

Peter Hackett, M.D., Grand Junction, CO

High Altitude Medicine and Physiology
3rd Edition
Michael P. Ward, James S. Milledge, and John B. West
Hardcover. Published by Arnold, London (2000)

The Third Edition is finally out!

This is a great text for anyone seriously interested in altitude medicine. Well-written chapters cover everything from history, to the biochemistry and physiology of the various systems affected by altitude, specific altitude syndromes, and the effect of altitude on various chronic illnesses. Hypothermia and cold injuries are also extensively covered.

Available by ordering from Arnold directly (the above link takes you to their website). I'll update this link if/when amazon starts carrying the book.

The High Altitude Medicine Handbook
2nd edition
Andrew J. Pollard, David R. Murdoch
Hardcover. Published by Radcliffe Medical Pr Ltd (June 1998)

Textbook of Respiratory Medicine (Two-Volume Set)
3rd Edition

John F. Murray, Jay A. Nadel (Editors)
Hardcover. Published by W B Saunders (2000)

Also available in a CD ROM Edition

Attitudes on Altitude
Pioneers of Medical Research in Colorado's High Mountains

John T. Reeves & Robert F. Grover (Editors)
Hardcover. Published by University Press of Colorado (2001)

In Attitudes on Altitude, Reeves and Grover have gathered together seven episodes narrating the exploits of innovative researchers that led to some extraordinary medical findings, altering the course of medicine in Colorado and throughout the world. Perfect for health care professionals interested in the history of research on the human body's response to exposure at higher altitudes.

book cover Hypoxia and Mountain Medicine
Proceedings of the 7th International Hypoxia Symposium Held at Lake Louise, Canada, February, 1991
John R. Sutton, Geoffrey Coates, Charles S. Houston (Editors)
Hardcover. Published by Pergamon Press (1992)

Hypoxia and Cold
John R. Sutton, Charles S. Houston, Geoffrey Coates (Editor)
Hardcover. Published by Greenwood Publishing Group (1987)

Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for Wilderness Emergency Care
William W. Forgey (ed)
2nd Edition. Paperback. Published by Globe Pequot (2000)

The practice guidelines are the official statement of the Wilderness Medical Society on the best methods of handling wilderness related trauma, illness, or environmental injury. This peer reviewed work has 31 contributors and has been reviewed by two panels of the society consisting of an additional 14 physicians. The practice guidelines discuss treatment goals for 24 basic subjects. This publication also includes the Wilderness Pre-hospital Emergency Care Curriculum suggested by the Wilderness Medical Society for inclusion in the instruction of Wilderness Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-W). This book is a must for anyone dealing with emergency planning, first aid procedures, or care of persons heading into remote areas for sport or employment. Learn the latest techniques approved and recommended by the Wilderness Medical Society.


Handbooks & Field Guides

book cover Altitude Illness - Prevention & Treatment
How to Stay Healthy at Altitude: From Resort Skiing to Himalayan Climbing
Stephen Bezruchka
Paperback. Published by Mountaineers Books (1994)

This is a good general pocket reference for trekkers planning a trip to high altitude, or for trek doctors unfamiliar with altitude medicine.

First Aid and Survival in Mountain and Remote Areas
6th Edition

Jim Duff & Peter Gormly
Paperback. Published by Dr. Jim Duff (2000)

First Aid and Survival in Mountain and Remote Areas is a manual designed for adventurers, backpackers and travellers, trekkers, guides and expedition leaders who journey into mountain or remote areas worldwide.

First Aid and Survival in Mountain and Remote Areas has a strong emphasis on prevention, planning and survival, and covers all the major problems to be met, ranging from tropical diseases to acute mountain sickness, from resuscitation to venomous animals of the land and ocean. There is a valuable chapter on how to make a diagnosis and a medication chart with usage, dosage and side effects of the drugs mentioned in the text.

The manual is written in plain English, avoiding medical jargon as much as possible. It is light enough to carry with you at all times, in all situations, whether backpacking through Asia, climbing the world's
highest mountains, driving through the desert, or making a canoe descent of a wild river.

All profits go to KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project), a Himalayan environmental project.

The Authors
Both authors have a vast experience in wilderness medicine.
Dr Jim Duff was doctor on several Himalayan expeditions, and has led many treks in remote areas. He has been teaching wilderness first aid and leadership for 20 years, and has spent two seasons working in the field for the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) in Nepal. Dr Duff has also developed the PAC (Portable Altitude Chamber) which is used in the treatment of mountain sickness.
Dr Peter Gormly has been involved in safety, first aid and health issues in Antartica for many years, working for the Australian Antarctic Division. He is the author of The Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition Manual.

Cost & Ordering
First Aid and Survival in Mountain and Remote Areas can be ordered from anywhere in the world. Please contact Dr Jim Duff [email protected]
Fax: +61 2 66550266
Phone: +61 2 6653 4241
PO Box 53 Repton NSW 2454, Australia
North America Australasia Europe

Per book* US$6 A$8 £4
Bulk orders* US$5 A$6 £3.50 (3 books or more)
* handling and delivery included

book cover Mountain Sickness : Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment
Peter H. Hackett
2nd Edition. Paperback. Published by American Alpine Club (1980)

The original pocket guide to AMS, and still valuable.

book cover High Altitude : Illness and Wellness
Charles Houston
Paperback. Published by Ics Books (1993)


Handbooks & Field Guides
Wilderness Medicine

Field Guide To Wilderness Medicine
Paul S. Auerbach, Howard J. Donner, Eric A. Weiss
Paperback. Published by Mosby (1999)

A field guide small enough to be carried on any outdoor excursion, and detailed enough to cover clinical presentation and treatment of the emergencies you're most likely to encounter.

Wilderness Medicine, Beyond First Aid
William W. Forgey
5th Edition. Paperback. Published by Globe Pequot (1999)

Tells how to recognize, assess, and treat many kinds of medical emergencies in the wilderness. This fifth edition includes the latest information on cryptospryosis and immunization changes. Although much material is useful to the layperson, there are many techniques, including field surgery and suturing, that can be effectively used only by professionals, such as wilderness educators, search and rescue groups, EMTs, and paramedics. The author is president of the Wilderness Medical Society and assistant clinical professor of family medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Wilderness 911:
A Step-By-Step Guide for Medical Emergencies and Improvised Care in the Backcountry
Eric A. Weiss
Paperback. Published by Mountaineers Books (1999)

Wilderness 911 takes all backcountry travelers from the basics of first aid to more advanced wilderness medicine with straightforward, step-by-step instructions. For situations when aid-givers don't have the proper supplies, this guide teaches creative and medically sound problem-solving for emergency situations.

The easy-to-follow format walks you through "Signs and Symptoms" and "Treatment," and notes "When to Worry" signs for a broad spectrum of medical emergencies. "Tricks of the Trade" sidebars offer improvisational techniques, such as closing wounds with dental floss, hair, or duct tape; treating burns or creating an airtight dressing with honey and plastic wrap; relieving mouth bleeding with a tea bag, and many more.

NOLS Wilderness First Aid
Tod Schimelpfenig, Linda Lindsey, Joan Safford (Illustrator)
3rd Edition. Published by Stackpole Books (2000)

A reference on essentials of wilderness first aid treatment for National Outdoor Leadership Schools (NOLS) students and for everyday hikers. This third edition is updated with the latest medical protocols for wilderness treatment and evacuation. There is a new chapter on leadership skills, teamwork, and communication. Specific information has also been added on cold injuries, eye injuries, gender-specific conditions, and asthma. Includes b&w illustrations. Schimelpfenig is past NOLS risk management director and current NOLS Rocky Mountain branch director; Lindsey is NOLS human resources director and a board member of the Wilderness Medical Society.

book cover Medicine for Mountaineering & Other Wilderness Activities
James Wilkerson (Editor)
Paperback. Published by Mountaineers Books (February 1993)

book cover Prevention, Recognition, and Prehospital Treatment
Hypothermia, Frostbite and other Cold Injuries
James A. Wilkerson, M.D. (ed), Cameron Bangs, M.D., and John S. Hayward, Ph.D.
Paperback. Published by Mountaineers Books (1986)


Handbooks & Field Guides
General Travel Medicine

The Pocket Doctor:
Your Ticket to Good Health While Traveling
Stephen Bezruchka
3rd Edition. Paperback. Published by Mountaineers Books (1999)

This is a good general pocket health reference for travellers.

book cover Where There Is No Doctor
A Village Health Care Handbook
David Werner, Carol Thuman, Jane Maxwell
Paperback. Revised edition. Published by Hesperian Foundation (May 1992)

Where There Is No Dentist
Murray Dickson
Paperback. Published by Hesperian Foundation (June 1983)



book cover The New High Altitude Cookbook
Beverly Anderson Nemiro, Beverly M. Anderson
Hardcover. Published by Random House (1980)

If you are going to be living at moderate or high altitudes, this book is a must and will significantly improve the quality of your diet.

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