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This website is operated to help prevent mortality and morbidity in high altitude trekkers and climbers by providing a centralized source of current information on high altitude illness prevention, recognition, and treatment. There is also information here on other medical concerns of travellers to remote parts of the world.

It began in 1995 when I designed the website for the Himalayan Rescue Association. Their organization's website is now on a server in Kathmandu. We have similar interests, but I have no input into their current site, and the High Altitude Medicine Guide in no way represents the HRA.

Although I have worked several seasons in the Himalayan Rescue Association clinic in Pheriche, and continue to work on projects with them, I am not the person to contact if you are interested in volunteering in one of their clinics. Instead, you should contact , the HRA Medical Director, or if you live in North America. Please note: the HRA officially only appoints medical doctors and their spouse or travelling partner. They do not appoint nurses, paramedics, EMTs, or medical students.

This web domain is run on the GorgeNet server in Hood River, Oregon (USA), in the heart of the magnificent Columbia River Gorge.

Financial Statement:
To-date this website has been operated entirely from personal funds. In the event that visitors order books through the amazon.com links, I will receive a small commission on those sales, which will be used to help finance the cost of running this website. So, order lots of books, OK?

If you're dying of curiosity about who I am, look here.

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